PRÁDLOPER contains only those ingredients that are really essential for washing.  No unnecessary fillers and other useless additives that merely increase the weight of the product and may be potential allergens or burden the environment.

The main ingredients of Prádloper, either in powder or liquid form, are sodium carbonate (also known as soda) and natural soap, curd soap or Marseille soap of the highest quality.

Nature protection and responsibility

DSC 0012 1Our main factor of production is nature itself. To be able to use its resources for many more generations, it is necessary to approach all areas of production responsibly. We realize that a huge portion of the world's waste production consists mainly of plastic packaging. That is why we searched for such a package that would at least match the principle of sustainability and also meet your high demands on functionality and ease of use.

Finally we managed it!

Our wash powder products are filled into containers from tennis balls. They are very practical and fit into the often humid environment of the bathroom or laundry room. Their great solace is the fact that they have been already made once and we give them a chance for another use. We try to contribute to the reduction of additional waste this way.

You can contribute too! Before you throw any packaging from Prádloper away, try to think it over and you may find out you can reuse it. Wash it carefully and then you can continue using it.

We are able to fill your own delivered packages if you want. We can easily arrange that for you.

For more information and for returning the plastic packaging to reuse contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call

+420 724 755 260.


WARNING: PRÁDLOPER contains only commonly known and safe ingredients. Still remember that they occur in a highly concentrated form and if the product comes to contact with your skin, eyes, or is accidentally inhaled or swallowed, it can cause serious health complications. Pay attention to the information on the label of each product.

Remember kids’ safety and keep PRÁDLOPER out of their reach!